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1057 Acleris rufana has now been confirmed for VC73 when it was trapped at Glenlee; also trapped at that site and new for Dumfries &
Galloway is 1061 Acleris literana, photo, both trapped on 6th April 2011. Unfortunately after a visit to National Musuems Scotland to collect further data, especially from Sir Arthur Duncan’s collection, this record has now been ‘demoted’ to a new VC record, Sir Arthur having trapped it at Castlehill, Kirkmahoe parish in 1977.
A further fifteen new micros have been added, bringing the regions moth species total to 1040, and greatly altering the vice-county totals now, so that we have 791 from VC72, 934 from VC73 and 691 from VC74.
Further records to add are from Pelham-Clinton’s notebooks, also from NMS,  which might yield further new records.
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