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45.011 (BF1498)

Brindled Plume   

Amblyptilia punctidactyla
Adult: 2
Resident. Local.

Recording method

Will fly in sunshine but normally at night, visiting flowers of willows, woundworts, ragworts, Ivy and Goldenrod.

Life cycle

Larvae: May-September on flowers or unripe seeds.  Adults: June-May

Larval foodplants

Mainly Hedge Woundwort.  Also Columbine, Common Stork’s-bill, Primula species, Geranium species.


The first for Dumfries & Galloway was found in Ae Forest, Dumfriesshire, on 15th September 1984 by Sir Arthur Duncan, specimen at National Museums Scotland, while the first for Kirkcudbrightshire was found at Palnure on 21st August 1992, with the Wigtownshire first being found at Drummore during 2015.

16 record(s) from 8 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 2015 2022 2018

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