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62.069 (BF1432)

Sandhill Knot-horn   

Anerastia lotella
Adult: 2
Resident. Local.


A distinctive slender sandy coloured moth.

Recording method

Attracted to light. Commonly disturbed in the field.

Flight period


Larval food

Sandhill grasses, including Marram (Ammophila arenaria).


Sand dunes.


The first for Dumfries & Galloway was found near Monreith, Wigtownshire, during July 1899 by K. J. Morton, specimen at National Museums Scotland, while the first for Kirkcudbrightshire was found at Mersehead RSPB on 20th July 1996 during a ‘Grey Daggers’ Moth Group field meeting. No records from Dumfriesshire.

4 record(s) from 3 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 1899 2016
62.069 Anerastia Lotella
62.069 Anerastia Lotella
62.069 Anerastia Lotella

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