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15.007 (BF285)

Azalea Leaf Miner   

Caloptilia azaleella
Adult: 1
Leaf Mine: A

Recording method

Occurs in nurseries, parks and gardens.

Life cycle

Larvae present May-June, August-September, first in a gallery mine, then in a blotch mine, finally in a cone constructed by rolling a leaf downwards from the tip.  Adults April-June, July-November.

Larval foodplants

Azaleas (Rhododendron simsii, R. indicum etc).


First record for Dumfries and Galloway was an adult attracted to MV light in Annan on 29 August 2016.

15 record(s) from 3 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 2022 2022
15.007 Caloptillia Azaleella
15.007 Caloptillia Azaleella
15.007 Caloptillia Azaleella

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