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37.022 (BF504)

Osier Case-bearer   

Coleophora lusciniaepennella
Adult: 4
Resident. Local.

Recording method

Occasionally comes to light.  Flies at sunset and sunrise.

Life cycle

Larvae present September-May.  Adults June-July.

Larval foodplants

Willow species & Bog Myrtle.  Occasionally on Hybrid Black Poplar & Aspen.  Rarely on birch species.


The first for Dumfries & Galloway was of cases found on Myrica at Aucheninnes, Kirkcudbrightshire, on 13th June 1981, while the first for Wigtownshire was found at the Flow of Dergoals on 11th June 1992, with the Dumfriesshire first being of larval feeding signs noticed on 28th June 2014 at Castle Corner, Caerlaverock during the Scottish Entomologists’ gathering.

14 record(s) from 10 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 2005 2005 2022

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