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70.245 (BF1663)

March Moth   

Alsophila aescularia
Adult: 1
Resident, common, widespread. Widespread in most of Britain, in Scotland mostly in the lowlands.

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Female is flightless. Please record the sex if it is a female.

Recording method

Females can be found at night crawling up tree trunks, males come to light.

Life cycle

One generation. Overwinters as a pupa.

Larval foodplants

Larvae feed on many broadleaved trees and shrubs.


Wide range of habitats, the larvae feeding on many broadleaved trees and shrubs.


First recorded for Dumfries and Galloway in 1862 for VC72 near Dumfries by Lennon who recorded it as ‘common everywhere around the Dumfries area’, in 1895 for VC74 at Corsemalzie by Gordon who found it ‘common at light and on tree trunks during daylight in Wigtownshire’ and in 1942 near Gatehouse of Fleet by Russell.

All records to date are males.

458 record(s) from 36 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 2014 2022 2022
70.245 March Moth
70.245 March Moth
70.245 March Moth
70.245 March Moth70.245 March Moth70.245 March Moth

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