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This is the time of year when Butterfly Conservation in Scotland updates the excellent micro moth distribution maps it has on the East Scotland website.  I already have a list from the various notes people have sent me over the course of last year but as I am still receiving spreadsheets for 2019 I suspect that I don’t have all the new records yet.  It would be really helpful to me if you could let me know any record which you believe is new to your VC in 2019 even if you have already told me about them.  This would allow me to double check what I have and make sure that I haven’t missed anything.  It will ensure that the available maps are as accurate as possible.

We are getting many new micros from D&G many of them simply because people are more experienced and able to look for them in the right places.  Some, like several macros, will be expanding into Scotland and D&G is often the first place these are found.

New VC Sightings For 2019 – A Request
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