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38.032 (BF602)

Pearled Dwarf   

Elachista apicipunctella
Adult: 2
Resident. Rare.

Recording method

Comes to light.  Rests on tree trunks and can be swept from ferns.

Life cycle

Mines: September-April.  Adults: April-July.

Larval foodplants

Many grasses of the Poacaea family, especially Cock’s-foot Dactylis, Fescue Festuca species and Creeping  Soft-grass Holcus molllis.


The first for Dumfries & Galloway was trapped at Changue Port on Luce Bay, Wigtownshire, on 9th August 2013.

1 record(s) from 1 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 2013

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