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63.114 (BF1345)

Brown China-mark   

Elophila nymphaeata
Adult: 1
Resident. Common.


A variable species decorated with white blotches and brown markings. Darker and paler forms are not uncommon.

Recording method

Attracted to light. Commonly disturbed from vegetation in the field.

Flight period

Late May-early October.

Larval foodplants

A wide range of aquatic plants.


Freshwater habitats.


The first for Dumfries & Galloway was found at Corsemalzie, Wigtownshire, on 12th July 1898 by the Gordon brothers, while the first for Dumfriesshire was found at Barony College, Parkgate, on 9th July 1982 during a Scottish Entomologists’ gathering, with the Kirkcudbrightshire first being found at Gushat Pond, Kirroughtree on 6th August 1989.

548 record(s) from 61 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 2022 2022 2022

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