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70.274 (BF1951)

Grey Birch   

Aethalura punctulata
Adult: 1
Resident, scarce, local. Widespread in England and Wales. In Scotland restricted to the extreme south, the Central Belt and the Great Glen to north of Inverness. Decreasing in distribution in England but increasing in Scotland.


Four blackish blotches on the costa of greyish rounded forewings, and a small central dot, should aid identity.

Recording method

Can be disturbed from birch tree trunks during the day, comes to light.

Life cycle

One generation. Overwinters as a pupa just below the surface. Larvae present June to late August.

Larval foodplants

Downy Birch and Silver Birch.


Well established sites of birch woodland or scrub.


First recorded for Dumfries and Galloway only in 1948 for VC73 at Mabie Forest by Duncan, in 2000 for VC74 at Mochrum Loch by Peter Norman, and in 2004 for VC72 at Kirkton by Richard Mearns.

102 record(s) from 25 hectad(s) in D&G

VC74 VC73 VC72
Last recorded 2000 2022 2022

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